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Love and Darkness

Large Mixed Cast

David Elendune Price: $7.99

“And God said let there be darkness. And there was darkness. And God saw the darkness. And that it was good”

Imagine the fall of the Roman Empire ...

But with vampires

“Even if you do combine forces with the East you can’t hope to wage a successful war against us. The plague’s already mutating, learning to attack your immune systems just as viciously as ours. And if that’s not poetic irony then I don’t know what is!”

Love, revenge, hope, darkness – All will meet at the end of the world

“For as long as the hearts of these humans beat there can never, will never, be peace. They’re the real monsters lurking in the darkness - not us. Compared to them we are but shadow!”

Love & Darkness – A vampire play for those who still sleep with one eye open


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