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946 - The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

Large Mixed Cast

Emma Rice from Michael Morpurgo Price: $14.95

Another fabulous show from Kneehigh ...

Imagine being ordered to leave your home

Imagine American soldiers occupying your house and land

Imagine being 12 and angry

With only a cat to tell your secrets to…

All this happened in Slapton Sands, Devon, in 1944

Well, most of it, anyway

Based on Michael Morpurgo’s acclaimed novel, this play explodes everything we thought we knew about the D-Day landings

With signature Kneehigh sorcery, 946 uses music, puppetry and foolishness to tell this tale of war, prejudice and love

Tender, political and surprisingly romantic, the play tells a story that speaks to us all and finally reveals the secrets the American and British governments tried to keep quiet

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