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67 Cinderellas

Large Mixed Cast

Stacey Lane Price: $9.99

67 Cinderellas debunks the traditional storybook notion of romance and what it means to be a princess

It begins conventionally ...

The King and Queen throw a ball to help their son choose a bride

The shy Prince Dalliance decides to wait for a magical sign to make his life-altering decision for him and when a beautiful lady in a sparkling blue ball gown appears, he is certain she is his one true love

They share a dance, but not a single word

Dreamy Dalliance is smitten but before he can learn anything about this mysterious party-crasher, she rushes off, leaving only her glass slipper behind

With the help of Elise, his faithful servant and best friend, the Prince sets out on a quest to find his lost love by trying the shoe on every single woman in his kingdom

His romantic plan seems to have worked perfectly when the slipper fits a sweet young peasant

But later that day at his hastily planned wedding, it is revealed that his bride-to-be was not at the ball and is an imposter

So more ladies try on the shoe

And more ladies' feet fit in the shoe

And more weddings almost happen

The pompous King is increasingly embarrassed and the kingdom becomes bored and disillusioned with these mandatory celebrations of true love

But Prince Dalliance's determination to find the shoe's rightful owner never waivers

Finally, the prince discovers Cinderella - hidden away by her evil stepmother and stepsisters

But smart Cinderella isn't ready to marry some stranger who can only recognize her by her shoe size

Instead she uses her wits to get her father's cottage back from her evil stepmother and stepsisters and free herself from their tyranny

This two-act comedy for a large, flexible cast contains many group scenes giving the entire ensemble plenty of stage time, as well as providing special moments for each individual actor to shine

M7 + Any number of Females & Extras


“Presents many twists and turns to the age-old story of Cinderella … a hilariously fun-filled show” ~ National Youth Arts Digest

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