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60 Seconds to Shine Volume 3

1 Male, 1 Female

Glenn Alterman Price: $19.95

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101 Original One-Minute Monologues - VOLUME THREE

Created especially for actors who are more and more often given one-minute auditions in which to showcase their talents

There are monologues here for men and women, ranging in tone from dramatic to comedic to serio-comedic

Many of the monologues cover topical subjects, and an introduction offers suggestions for choosing and presenting the right one at an audition

Enthusiastically recommended for practicing and aspiring actors everywhere

Here's a sample dramatic monologue of an adult son lambasting his father for being rude to an attendant:

"Does that make you feel strong, Dad, huh? Important? How could you? That poor guy takes so much pride in what he does. It may not be much, but to him, to him it's everything! So maybe he didn't go to college, or even high school, but what he does here... He's got his dignity, Dad, and you just tried to take it away from him. The way you talked to him just now, like he was nothing. Maybe handing out towels in a men's room isn't as prestigious as being a big CEO, but... You know, y'know, let's forget dinner, Dad. Suddenly, suddenly I lost my appetite"


"Actors looking for challenging, contemporary audition material should find a gold mine here" ~ The Library Journal

"Topnotch, offering the serious actor an emotional field day" ~ Anna Marie Kostura, NBC Director of Daytime Programming

"Highly recommended. Student and professional actors" ~ Choice Magazine

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