60 Seconds to Shine Volume 5 - One-minute Monologues for Women Ages 18-25

60 Seconds to Shine Volume 5 - One-minute Monologues for Women Ages 18-25 $19.99

Kristen Dabrowski

Published by Smith & Kraus

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101 Original One-minute Monologues for Women Ages 18-25

First impressions are powerful

Agents and casting directors often size up actors in a minute

But with the right material, that's all the time you need

Inside you'll find monologues that will show off your personality and your talent

The circumstances are believable, straightforward, and true-to-life

So don't waste time memorizing long speeches that don't feel comfortable

With the right monologue, you can dazzle and shine in sixty seconds!

And you'll find that monologue right here


As a professional actor for fourteen years now, I know how hard the search for the perfect monologue can be

A monologue should be immediate, active, and fun

You shouldn't mind having to say it over and over when you're practicing, auditioning, or performing it

You should be able to relate to it

Often, you have very little time to make an impression

In those situations, your acting needs to be energetic, exciting, and natural

The purpose of this book is to make your auditions count!

Here are some tips on approaching monologues:

1. Pick the monologue that hits you. Trust your instincts

2. Make the monologues active. What do you want and how do you try to get it?

3. Who are you talking to and where are they? Make sure you make this as clear as possible

4. Do you get answered or interrupted? Be sure to fill in words in your head for the moments when you are spoken to in the monologue, even if it's a simple "yes" or "no"

5. How do you feel about the person or people you are talking to? For example, you speak a lot differently to your best friend than you do to your math teacher

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