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60 Seconds to Shine Volume 4 - 161 One-minute Monologues from Literature

1 Male, 1 Female

John Capecci & Irene Ziegler editors Price: $19.95

161 One-minute Monologues from Literature

This collection offers short, fresh monologues drawn from a wide variety of sources other than plays - 161 of them-for use in auditions, classes, competitions, or simply, for your reading pleasure

You'll find many great monologues here from "Literature": novels, novellas, short stories, poems, and short-short stories

But when you search for monologue material outside the usual world of dramatic literature, you'll begin to see and hear monologues everywhere ...

... blogs, essays, creative nonfiction, online journals, memoirs, op ed pieces, oral histories

Even in e-mail

All of these forms are represented in this collection

Each text has been chosen because it is everything a monologue should be - a short, self-contained, well-written excerpt that features a unique voice or character, and contains some change in thought, emotion, or action

Each offers an intriguing glimpse into the mind or life of a captivating persona

At the back of this volume, you'll find all 161 monologues indexed according to age, tone, and voice, to help identify those most suited to your needs

Additional indexes list the works by Author, and those that are Classical works. ("Classical" and "contemporary" refer to when the monologue was written, not necessarily when the character is speaking. "Classical" texts are those that were written prior to the early 1920s)

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