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5 Minute Plays

Lawrence Harbison Price: $16.95

The plays in this volume of 5-Minute Plays are geared toward adults

Their length makes them perfect for scene work in class

Some are comedic

Some are dramatic

Some are realistic in style

Others are more unconventional

A few of the plays are written by playwrights who have established quite a reputation with their full-length plays, such as Don Nigro, Lee Blessing, Y York, and Sheila Callaghan

But most are by exciting up-and-comers, such as Nicole Pandolfo, Merridith Allen, Andrew Biss, Adam Kraar, Stephanie Hutchinson, Judy Klass, John McKinney, Scott C. Sickles, Graham Techler, Eric Grant, Deanna Alisa Ableser, Kerri Kochanski, Lisa Bruna, and Grace Trotta

Whether you're an actor looking for a quick warm-up, an instructor scrounging for tight scene exercises, or an everyday reader eager to speed-date some of today's most talented playwrights, 5-Minute Plays is for you


“I've worked closely and happily with Lawrence Harbison for a quarter of a century now ... during which time he has been instrumental in getting the work of hundreds of new writers into print ... His deep love for the theater and for all sorts of plays, his unbounded enthusiasm for good work, and his tremendously clear eye for talent are all legendary” ~ Don Nigro

“One imagines that most people purchasing this book and its sister version for teens will be doing so to find acting and directing openings or perhaps audition opportunities but, with so much variety, this book will prove great fun for general readers as well” ~ British Theatre Guide

5 Minute Plays for Teens

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