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2nd May 1997

Jack Thorne Price: $12.99

A smouldering new play from one of Britain's most exciting young writers, about escaping the past, seizing the present and owning the future

It's 2nd May 1997

An historic victory - the Tories, 18 years in power, are defeated as New Labour sweeps into government

From the euphoria and despair, three deeply personal stories emerge

Tory MP Robert prepares to attend the count

With defeat looming large, he fears becoming a forgotten man while his wife marie counts the cost of her own sacrifice to politics

Lib Dem footsoldier Ian is no hero but party-crasher Sarah is determined to make him one

Best mates Jake and Will wake up to a new world order and try to memorise the cabinet before their politics A Level class

And Jake dreams of Number 10

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