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2017 Theatre Brut Festival Anthology - A Collection of 28 Short Plays

New Jersey Repertory Company Price: $19.95

The New Jersey Repertory Company was founded in 1997 and its Theatre Brut Short Play Festival was founded seven years later in 2004 as an extension of the theater's mission to develop and produce new plays and make a lasting contribution to the American Stage

This great value Anthology offers 28 Short Plays from 2017

The Plays are ...

A Few Good PB & Js (Kehoe)
After You (Blessing)
Australia's Oldest Woman (Carroll)
Barroom Sonata (Canfora)
Blood Sausage (Biguenet)
Braking in the New Boss (DiIorio)
Cubs Win! (Smith)
Deliver Us (August)
Eve in the Hot Seat (Mori)
Eviction (Frank)
Exhibit A (Grant)
Ful Nabit (Cunningham)
Her Place in the World (Gregory)
How My Grandparents Fell in Love (Gitter)
Love is a Train (Sandberg)
(miss) Mary Edwards (Smith)
Mountaineer (Weitzman)
New York City Girls Will Kill You (Techler)
The Outside Edge of a Full Circle (Harrington)
Performance Review (Roberts)
Pittsburgh (Tucker)
Snake Eggs (Waters)
Something About Eve (Halliday)
Stepping into Fire Book (Coash & Brielle)
The Conversation (Malick)
The Late Shift (Martin)
The Naming (Marse)
This Year's Model (Hoke)

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