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2012 New Playwrights - The Best Plays

Lawrence Harbison - Editor Price: $24.95

The 7 Plays are ...

After by Chad Beckim - How does man re-enter this world after being released from prison after serving 17 years for a crime he did not commit?

Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs - An unemployed bartender living in a trailer park believes the painting she bought at a thrift store for $3 is really a Jackson Pollock worth millions

CQ/CX by Gabe McKinley - A hotshot young NY Times reporter is caught plagarzing and fabricating stories in this gripping drama based on a true story

The Invested by Sharyn Rothstein - Catherine Murdoch, a very successful wealth manager, has been passed over for the top job at her firm, which has been given to a man who, she begins to suspect, might be involved in financial skullduggery

Milk Like Sugar by Kirsten Greenidge - Three black teenage girls make a pact to see who can get pregnant first in this incisive look at a contemporary American Lost Generation

The Navigator by Eddie Antar - While driving to a job interview, starts receiving instructions on what life choices to make from his GPS.

The Talls by Anne Kerrigan - A coming-of-age comedy about a teen-aged girl, set in Oakland CA in 1970

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