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2008 - The Best 10-Minute Plays for 3 or More Actors

Lawrence Harbison Price: $24.95

The hottest collection of 10-minute plays by American playwrights from 2008, essential for producers looking for high-quality plays and professors who need relevant and engaging material for their class work

Lawrence Harbison has assembled the most compelling comedies, dramas, fantasies, and mysteries of the year a chronicle of what this year's playwrights had to say about the world around them

Plays for Two Men and One Woman

  • The Adventures of ... by Kathleen Warnock
  • Antarctica by George Freek
  • How to Survive in Corporate America (A Manual in Eight Steps) by Ian August
  • In the Trap by Carl L. Williams
  • Moon Man by Jami Brandli
  • October People by Mark Lambeck
  • The Other Shoe by Lisa Soland
  • The Perfect Red by Paola Soto Hornbuckle
  • Squalor by Gina Gionfriddo
  • Three Turkeys Waiting for Corncobs by Don Nigro
  • To Darfur by Erik Christian Hanson
  • Whatever Happened to Finger Painting, Animal Crackers, and
  • Afternoon Naps? by Nora Chau

    Plays for One Man and Two Women

  • The Answer by Vanessa David
  • Do-Overs by Larry Hamm
  • Gloom, Doom, and Soul-Crushing Misery by Robin Rice Lichtig
  • The Growth by Chris Shaw Swanson
  • Measuring Matthew by Patrick Gabridge
  • Night Terrors by Wendy MacLeod
  • Zachary Zwillinger Eats People by Lauren D. Yee

    Plays for Three Women

  • The Baby War by Laura Cotton
  • Sexual Perversity in Connecticut by Mike Folie
  • Sister Snell by Mark Troy

    Plays for Three Men

  • Current Season by Vanessa David
  • The Title Fight by Ian August

    Plays for Two Men and Two Women

  • Intervention by Mark Lambeck

    Plays for Three Men and One Woman

  • Guys, Only Guys! by Jerome Parisse

    Plays for Two Men and Three Women

  • The Birthday Knife by Jerome Parisse

    Plays for Three Men and Three Women

  • Cabfare for the Common Man by Mark Harvey Levine

    Plays for Four Men and One Woman

  • A Case of Anxiety by Mark Harvey Levine
  • Fear of Spheres by Lisa Loomer

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