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2008 - The Best 10-Minute Plays for 2 Actors

Lawrence Harbison Price: $22.95

The hottest collection of 10-minute plays by American playwrights from 2008, essential for producers looking for high-quality plays and professors who need relevant and engaging material for their class work

Lawrence Harbison has assembled the most compelling comedies, dramas, fantasies, and mysteries of the year a chronicle of what this year's playwrights had to say about the world around them

Plays for One Man and One Woman

  • Apricot Sunday by Ed Cardona, Jr.
  • The A-Word by Linda Faigao-Hall
  • Bride on the Rocks by David Wiener
  • Cell Mates by Molly Best Tinsley
  • The Charm of the British by Laura Cotton
  • Drury Lane by Don Nigro
  • Einstein + the Angels by Laura Harrington
  • Esla and Frinz Go Partying by Bruce Shearer
  • Flooding by Jami Brandli
  • Fuck Tori Amos by Caitlin Montanye Parrish
  • A Funeral Home in Brooklyn by David Johnston
  • Godfrey by Ian August
  • A Great-Looking Boat by Joan Ackermann
  • Happy No-Lidays by Keythe Farley
  • I Have It by Bekah Brunstetter
  • Paris Snatch by Brian Dykstra
  • The Passion of Merlin and Vivien in the Forest of Broceliande by Don Nigro
  • Signs of Life by Frederick Stroppel
  • Skin & Bones by Julian Sheppard
  • Specter (or, Broken Down by Age & Sex) by Neena Beber
  • That Thing by John Shanahan
  • Tongue, Tied by M. Thomas Cooper

    Plays for Two Men

  • Downstairs, Upstairs by Wendy MacLeod
  • Rats by Ron Fitzgerald
  • The Train Ride by Daniel Talbott
  • Two from the Line by Michael Louis Wells

    Plays for Two Women

  • Farewell and Adieu by Jack Neary
  • Female Dogs by Barbara Lindsay
  • The Giftbox by Francine Volpe
  • Hollywood Hills by Stephanie Alison Walker

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