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Large Mixed Cast

Matthew Dunster from George Orwell Price: $14.95

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Winston Smith rewrites history for the Ministry of Truth

One day he’s handed a note that says simply ‘I love you’ by a woman he hardly knows and he decides to risk everything in a search for the real truth

In a world where cheap entertainment keeps the Proles ignorant but content, where a war without end is always fought and the government is always watching, can Winston hold onto what he feels inside?

Or will he renounce everything, accept the Party’s reality and learn to love Big Brother?


★★★★ " ... an arresting adaptation" ~ The Guardian

★★★★ "Dunster (both in his faithful take on the story and in his sometimes extreme but always enthralling adaptation) gets close to the heart of Orwell's warning" ~The Independent

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