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13 Rue de L’Amour

7 Male, 4 Female

Mawby Green & Ed Feilbert from Georges Feydeau Price: $9.99

This is the hilarious frolic which launched Feydeau in Paris as the Neil Simon of his day

Take one philandering husband, add his virtuous wife set on revenge, a doctor determined to be her instrument of revenge, mix well with the husband's friend who is eager to trap his spouse in flagrante delicto and a young nephew looking for a pretty cocotte to round out his education ...

... toss them all together at 13, Rue de L'Amour where a love-starved German countess is concierge and season with a befuddled police inspector and a perky French maid and you have a classic farce which will have audiences in stitches

"The best laid plans for vice and sin go wildly and wonderfully astray" ~ Seattle Times

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