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13 - Thirteen

Large Mixed Cast

Mike Bartlett Price: $12.95

"Work out what you want and go for it with all your conviction and donít care if you seem outrageous or stupidÖ All thatís needed, in the end, is belief"

Morning in London, Autumn 2011 ...

Across the city, people wake up from an identical, terrifying dream

At the same moment, a young man named John returns home after years away to find economic gloom, ineffective protest, and a Prime Minister about to declare war

But John has a vision for the future and a way to make it happen

Coincidences, omens and visions collide with political reality in this epic new play from the writer of Earthquakes in London

Set in a dark and magical landscape, it depicts a London both familiar and strange - a London staring into the void

In a year which has seen governments fall as the people take to the streets, 13 explores the meaning of personal responsibility, the hold that the past has over the future and the nature of belief itself

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