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13 - Complete Script & Lyrics of the Broadway Musical

Large Mixed Cast

Dan Elish & Robert Horn & Jason Robert Brown Price: $16.99

One of the most frequently produced new musicals of the last decade, 13 is a rollicking musical comedy featuring a cast exclusively made up of teenagers - thirteen 13-year-olds, as a matter of fact

Evan Goldman is two months from turning 13 years old, living happily in New York City, the greatest city on Earth, when his world is blown apart by his parents' divorce, and he is dragged away from home to live with his mother in a small town in the Midwest

Facing a new life in a new place where the customs and culture are utterly alien to him, and with his bar mitzvah getting closer every day, Evan has to navigate who he wants to be versus who he really is, and see if he can make it through the fall without losing the best friends he'll ever have

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