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101 Drama Games for Children - Fun and Learning with Acting and Make-Believe

Large Mixed Cast

Paul Rooyackers Price: $15.99

Drama games are not staged plays but a dynamic form in which children explore their minds and the world around them

They can use their play-acting in sensory games, pantomimes, story games with puppets, in creating masks and costumes, and much more

Drama games allow children to get more in touch with themselves and what they want to be, and are a delightful way to discover the freedom, creativity, and expression of acting - and living

Everybody enjoys the chance to escape from reality from time to time, to climb inside the skin of another character

The games are improvisational, framed to encourage total involvement and cooperation - the participants gain as much as they contribute

Each drama game contains an age guideline, an estimate time of play, and suggestions for the most appropriate type of music

The games can be played by children and adults of all ages, and are flexible enough to be used by parents, teachers, camp leaders, daycare providers, or other group leaders in a variety of settings

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