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100 Great Monologues from the Neo-Classical Theatre

Jocelyn A Beard - ed Price: $24.95

"...very serviceable and excellently composed volumes...imaginative selections...a treasure trove of poetic passages steeped in legend, myth and the venerable mores of old England and other distinctly exotic climes. An inspired collection..." ~ Booklist

All For Love - John Dryden

The Beaux' Strategem - George Farquhar

Cato - Joseph Addison

The Country Wife - William Wycherley

The Double Inconstancy - Marivaux

The Fatal Friendship - Catherine Trotter

Jeppe of the Hill - Ludvig Holberg

The Lancashire Witches - Thomas Shadwell

The Learned Women - Moliere

Love Letters to a Gentleman - Aphra Behn

The Mourning Bride - William Congreve

Nathan the Wise Gotthold - Ephrain Lessing

Phedre - Jean Racine

The Provoked Wife - Sir John Vanbrugh

Psyche Debauched - Thomas Duffett

The Rivals - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

The Wife of Bath - John Gay

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