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100 Great Monologues from the 19th Century Romantic and Realistic Theatres

Jocelyn A Beard - editor Price: $24.95

This collection of 19C Monologues is drawn from the following plays ...

Amphitryon - Heinrich Von Kleist

Bianca Visconti - Nathaniel Parker Willis

The Castle Spectre - Matthew G. Lewis

Danton's Death - Georg Buchner

Don Juan - James Elroy Flecker

The Feast at Solhoug - Henrik Ibsen

Hernani - Victor Hugo

Judith Friedrich - Hebbel

Mrs. Warren's Profession - George Bernard Shaw

Otho the Great - John Keats

Prometheus Unbound - Percy Bysshe Shelley

Romance - Edward Sheldon

Salome - OscarWilde

Uncle Vanya - Anton Chekhov

Actors will find monologues that challenge their abilities to reflect the passion and idealism of Romanticism and the starkness of the realists

Each piece is approximately two to four pages in length and is accompanied by a very brief synopsis of the setting and character


"... very serviceable and excellently composed volumes ... imaginative selections ... a treasure trove of poetic passages steeped in legend, myth and the venerable mores of old England and other distinctly exotic climes. An inspired collection" ~ Booklist

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