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100 Great Monologs - A Versatile Collection of Monologues & Duologs and Triologs for Student Actors

Rebecca Young Price: $14.40

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As well as providing a broad range of fresh audition material, this Collection is also a great tool for opening discussion on contemporary teen issues

The unique format of this book will get students talking whether they're actors or not!

The subject material of all these monologs, ranging from one to three minutes maximum, is honest and true to life

And you don't have to worry about inappropriate language or situations - these monologs don't skirt important issues that teens face today, but each situation is handled sensitively

Monologs range from light-hearted topics -- blind dates, babysitting blues and fender benders -- to more sensitive ones such as family problems, drunk driving and suicide

Each piece is 2-3 minutes

For the sequel volume 102 Great Monologues, click here

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