Publish my Play


“This is simply one of the most brilliant shows of love for the stage writing craft that I have ever seen. Bravo!” ~ Cas Marino, Director of Development, Black Henna Productions, New York City

It’s never been easy finding an audience for a play

Many publishers won’t even consider your work unless it’s had a professional production or been sent in by an agent

Sadly, the chances of your play being published conventionally are small and getting smaller

So we’ve come up with a better way to give more plays a chance ...

Helping to Make it Happen

STAGEPLAYS is now willing and able to publish and distribute your play or theatre-related book as a CYBERPRESS digital download

To make sure your play is properly presented and that you’re properly paid takes time, money and clever software

Which is why we’re charging a $35.00 set-up fee

But here’s the deal ...

When your play sells 5 copies, we’ll give you back your money

Future sales will then be divided 50/50 between us and - if you wish - we’ll issue Performance Licences on your behalf for a 80/20 split in your favour

So who decides if my play is any good or not?

The customer - they are always given the opportunity to read the opening scenes and judge for themselves

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“You know what, if I hadn’t published with STAGEPLAYS, I would not have gotten more than half of the plays I’ve had produced. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but Stageplays Cyberpress has been and still is very good to me, so it might be very good for you as well. This is not an advertisement. I simply want to pass along a great tool while on your journey as a playwright” ~ Edward Crosby Wells



As soon as you’ve passed through this payment process, we’ll immediately send you our ePlay Publication Guide

This details the info we need to include your play/book into the database and explains how to prepare and present it for digital publication & download

The process is relatively straightforward but if you need further guidance, our Editors are always happy to help

Your work should be available for purchase from STAGEPLAYS in about a week

$35.00 Set-up fee - TO BE REFUNDED AFTER 5 SALES

                                                                                          ePlay Publication Guide