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Ultimate Beauty Bible

2 Male, 5 Female

Caroline V McGraw Price: $8.99

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Danielle, Lee, and Tiffany have scaled the masthead of Crimp magazine, gaining access to the best the city has to offer — nightlife, men, and the beautiful baubles showcased in every issue

But when workaholic Danielle is forced to face her mortality, she begins to wonder what it’s all worth

In this dark comedy, questions of romance, sex, ambition, and loyalty spin Danielle and her friends out of control as they consider the possibility of life without each other


“McGraw offers a satisfyingly complex array of characters, relationships, and musings on life” ~

“McGraw’s wry and artful Ultimate Beauty Bible is a play for anybody who has ever believed that the right lipstick, the right shoes, the right lover might meaningfully alter the course of one’s existence. Which is a lot of us” ~ The New York Times

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