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The Flight of the Earls

4 Male, 3 Female

Christopher Humble Price: $9.99

This engrossing drama is perhaps the definitive troubles in Northern Ireland play. Winner of two American playwriting competitions, it tells the story of an Irish family torn by the political violence

Michael and Ian Earl, I.R.A. terrorists, are planning a bombing. Brigitte, Michael's wife has been giving her husband money which she thinks is for his brother Keith, whom she thinks is imprisoned

Brigitte hopes that she and Michael will be able to emigrate to America and leave the violence behind. What she doesn't know is that her husband has been using her money to finance his terrorism

When she finally does realize this she stands up to her husband. A terrible argument ensues and in the fight over a gun Brigitte is killed by her husband. The chickens come home to roost at last for the violent Earl family

"Convincing realism ... chilling" ~ N.Y. Daily News

"Well crafted.... A most absorbing evening" ~ Gannett Newspapers

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