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The Bethlehem Star - An Infant Nativity - SCRIPT

Large Mixed Cast

Dave Corbett Price: $19.95

The Story

Scene 1 : An office at The Bethlehem Star news papyrus

The Bethlehem Star is desperate for a scoop! The editor encourages his reporters to get out and find a story worth telling - not just a donkey or some figs or some slippery oil thieves

Scene 2 : A scoop missed

If only they knew! ‘Babies are born all the time ... nothing special about yours’. What a bungle

Scene 3 : Keep your head down

The Roman soldiers are BIG, STRONG, ROUGH and SCARY ... But at least one has itchy, knitted underpants

Scene 4 : A real scoop

Although the reporter’s quill is bent, there’s quite a regal story here

Scene 5 : Scooperdooper

The shepherds don’t have a story ... apart from ... what’s this? Wow, wow and more wow ... Angels! Scooooop!

Scene 6 : Thee best inn in town

No, that’s not a typo, it really is THEE best inn in town ... but it’s full! Can guess what happens next ...

Key Features

This easy to stage Nativity for young children offers ...

• 31 speaking roles
• Suits large cast with unlimited extras
• Breaks down easily into composite parts for rehearsal purposes
• Terrific humour which Infants both understand and carry off
• Boys in particular love this musical
• Show-stopping “Choir of Angels” song
• Extensive Production Notes included in script
• Beautifully constructed songs with clever repetition
• Age range – Key Stage 1 Production (4–7 years)
• Duration – 30 minutes

The Music

Click the Speaker and listen to a Sample of the Score ...

Extra, Extra!
Tired and Weary
Roman Soldiers
Sound Silly
Choir of Angels
The Best Inn
At the Manger

For the Piano Score, click here

For 2 CDs of Vocal & Backing Tracks, click here

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