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Tales From Hollywood

Large Cast Male, 6 Female

Christopher Hampton Price: $14.99

What if Odon von Horvath, the Austrian playwright who died before he got to Hollywood, actually made it to Tinseltown to meet up with the likes of Thomas Mann, Brecht, Garbo, the Marx Bros. and Jonny Weissmuller?

"Both hilarious and tragic in the notion of the greatest literary brains in mid century Europe having to flee the dictatorship of Hitler only to end up as slaves to the altogether different dictatorship of the Warner Brothers" ~ Punch

"The play is built around a series of interlocking tensions between the tragic innocence of America and the guilty awareness of the Europeans... I felt as if I was seeing a play that took a fascinating slice of cultural history and transmuted it into the complexity of art" ~ London Guardian

"Enormous fun results from the culture clash" ~ London Daily Telegraph

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