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Sulky Santa and the Boy Who Didn’t Believe

Ian McArthur Price: $24.95

Santa Claus has a problem! He's lost his Christmas spirit and can't be bothered to deliver his presents!

After failing to change his mood, those closest to him - Rudolph, Snowman and Elfis (coolest elf in the North Pole) - take it upon themselves to not only find out the reason why hes dispirited, but also to help him rediscover that spirit before Christmas Eve

With the help of Elfis, magic quiff, the three undertake a fantastic journey, firstly to Fairyland where they meet the Tooth Fairy and then to Bogeyland where they meet the disgusting, yet helpful Bogeyman

The three unlikely heroes soon discover why Santa has been so sulky and eventually unearth the key that reinvigorates him, in the shape of A Boy Who Doesn't Believe!

As well as seven highly original new songs that'll make your ears want to dance, this musical play features dialogue that sparkles with warmth, wonder and wit

It offers very flexible casting - 15-50

Click and listen to a Sample of the Songs ...

Children Are Singing
Elf Power
He Doesn't Believe
Santa Sits Alone

The Score and a CD of Vocal Tracks and a CD of Backing Tracks are available separately by clicking here

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