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Subject to Change

2 Male, 4 Female

Jules E Tasca Price: $9.99

The play concerns the two Bassett sisters, Gertrude is prudish, capable and hardworking, says only "Oh, fudge", when she's upset. Madeline is completely dependent on her sloppy, fat cunning, and sounds like a plumber who has lost his number four wrench the perfect role for Phyllis Diller?

When Gertrude decides to marry, leaving Madeline to fend for herself, the situation becomes traumatic

In an attempt to break up Gertrude's romance, Madeline runs the gamut, making obscene telephone calls to the bridegroom's 80 year old lush of a mother; outrageously insulting the groom to be, sneaking off to New York to trip on LSD, and finally sneaking back home to live in the attic and sulk. When all efforts fail, she feigns a stroke

"Screamingly funny fun.... Tasca, who is listed as the author of this madness, may be the same gifted lunatic who wrote Diller's old night club material" ~ Chicago Tribune

"Audiences complain happily about sore stomachs, all from laughing" ~ Daily Journal

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