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Strange Snow

2 Male, 1 Female

Stephen Metcalfe Price: $9.99

A disturbing tale of two young Vietnam veterans and their harrowing readjustment to civilian life

David, once a popular high-school athlete with a promising future, is devastated by his battlefield injuries and by the death of his friend Bobby

After returning from the war, he takes a job as a truck driver and struggles with depression and alcoholism while living with his younger sister Martha, a lovely but shy high-school biology teacher who is as lonely as David

David's friend Megs, a likable redneck, found the war an outlet for his own violent emotions, although he too suffers guilt over Bobby's death

Upon returning from Vietnam, Megs tries to rebuild his life, becoming an auto mechanic and opening his own business. David and Megs reunite for a fishing trip, and Megs and Martha and fall in love

David fears losing Martha, and does everything he can to discourage the romance. The shy Martha blossoms with Megs's attention, and David goes on a destructive rampage, leaving Megs and Martha to seriously consider the ramifications of their relationship

"Steve Metcalfe writes with a sense of humor, and an ear for idiom" ~ Village Voice

"What recommends Strange Snow is its basic humanity and the credibility of its affirmation" ~ Christian Science Monitor

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