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Spring Awakening

Frank Wedekind trans Edward Bond Price: $14.95

Wedekind's play about adolescent sexuality is as disturbing today as when it was first produced

Written in 1890, the play explores the conflict between repressive adulthood and adolescent sexual longings in a provincial German town

"... an extraordinary understanding of the adolescent mind, not merely the fascination with sex, but also the fixation with death" ~ Michael Billington

Wedekind's notorious play Spring Awakening was written in 1891 but had to wait the greater part of a century before it received its first complete performance in Britain, at the National Theatre in 1974

The production was highly praised, much of its strength deriving from this translation by Edward Bond and Elisabeth Bond Pablé"scrupulously faithful both to Wedekind's irony and his poetry" ~ The Times

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