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Spontaneous Melodramas - 24 Impromptu Bible Skits That Bring Bible Stories to Life

Doug Fields Price: $14.99

Hilarious, boisterous skits that get kids involved, whether they're hamming up front, or in the audience cheering for the good guys, hissing the bad guys

These no-rehearsal skits are comic takes on 24 classic Bible stories, from Babel to Zacchaeus

Use these skits to take your students into or out of your Bible lesson - for the humor never buries the central message of the Bible passage

You'll find 12 Old Testament and 12 New Testament stories like these ...

The First Tongue Twister (the Tower of Babel)

Josephine's Dream (Joseph and his brothers)

The Young and the Hairless (Samson and Delilah)

Dave, the Wave, and the Giant Kahuna (David and Goliath)

Dances with Lions (Daniel)

World Serious: The Empire Strikes Out (the temptation of Jesus)

Good Sam, the Levis, and Judas Priest (parable of the Good Samaritan)

Showdown at Tombstone (Jesus and the demon-possessed man)

Unchurched teenagers who can't tell Samson from Solomon or long-time youth group kids - everyone will love not merely hearing or reading Bible stories, but doing them

Offering more than a year's worth of slapstick, pratfalls and melodrama, these Bible-story skits are anything but solemn, but they'll make Bible stories memorable for your students

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