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Sometimes I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

Many Young Playwrights Price: $9.95

In the middle of the night, our unexpressed hopes, needs and fears can possess us, and there are times when all of us lie awake in the dark, feeling vulnerable and alone

The young playwrights from the Walden Theatre Conservatory have explored these profoundly felt emotions and have written, in response, an extraordinarily insightful collection of scenes and monologues that together make up a full evening of theatre

The pieces that comprise this play are funny, sad, disturbing, real; they are the honest and forthright expressions of "today"

The play focuses on subjects that range from the lighthearted anxieties of teenage love to the pain and loss of divorce or suicide

The experiences of youth, with all the exuberance and all the pain, provide an opportunity for young actors and their audience to examine their own wants and needs and to gain understanding of the wants and dreams of others

May be performed on a bare stage with stools and ladders

Please note that this play has some strong language which may be deleted

By the Young Playwrights of the Walden Theatre Conservatory Playwriting Program in New York

Cast of 10 to 20 actors

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