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Secret Life of Walter Mitty

5 Male, 6 Female

Joe Manchester & Leon Carr & Earl Shuman from a… Price: $9.99

On his fortieth birthday Walter Mitty reflects on his drab, ordinary life. Defeated in his quest for wealth and glory by family responsibilities, a mortgage, and a routine job, he creates elaborate fantasies in which he is the hero. His secret world is so enticing that he often loses sight of the boundary between dream and reality and comically slips into his imagination

An attractive would be chanteuse aptly named Willa de Wisp encourages Walter to leave his wife, shed the burdens of suburban living and really live the secret life

Unfortunately it is as unattainable as it is appealing. At the end of the play Walter discovers that he is happily committed to the real world

"A thoroughly pleasant musical evening" ~ Time

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