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Rhapsodies - Two Plays - Wings of Madness & Turtle Soup

0 Male, 1 Female

Rosary Hartel ONeill Price: $8.99

Wings of Madness - F1

Set in a tacky funeral parlor on a highway outside New Orleans, a murdered beauty taunts the audience, exposing her bare unshrouded back, and explaining why she was murdered

Other imaginary characters - her husband and daughter - add an eerie quality to her already surreal tale

Turtle Soup - M1,F1

A young woman fights for her inheritance. Her "dying" uncle mocks her life, as well as that of her actor husband. A tirade occurs over Turtle Soup that culminates in its spillage and her Uncle's guffaws over his prank. He reminds her that it's April first - All Fools Day - and he is playing a joke on her

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