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This Day Forward

3 Male, 3 Female

Nicky Silver Price: $8.10

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Martin has just married the girl of his dreams.

However ...

Only moments after their vows, Irene reveals that she, in fact, is deeply in love with someone else - a gas station attendant named Emil

To make matters worse, she called Emil during the reception

And he’s now on his way to confront the groom

By the end of Act One Irene has left Martin to be with her love. Act Two is set forty-six years later

Noah - Irene’s son - is waiting for his mother to be delivered by the police, having been found disoriented at the airport

We learn from Noah that Martin and Irene did, in fact, end up together

The mystery of how that happened is slowly revealed as Noah grapples with his combative and confused mother and his desperate sister

And Leo, the young man Noah pushes away despite the love between them


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