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No Time for Comedy

4 Male, 3 Female

S N Behrman Price: $9.99

Gaylord Easterbrook is a clever young playwright whose comedies are highly successful. He is married to Linda, a brilliant actress who stars in all his plays. But Gay is discontented and restless, and he feels that this is no time for comedy

He feels rather that the modern tempo and constant change demand reality and a serious approach. He is encouraged in this opinion by Amanda Smith, a restless dabbler and society woman who is married to a dull businessman

With her as an inspiration Gay manages to write a serious play about death and the Spanish Loyalists. Through all this apparent affair Linda carefully walks, and of course, comes out the undisputed winner when it is obvious that Gay is not going to elope with Amanda, who wants to run away

"Another "must' on the play going curriculum" ~ N.Y. Journal American

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