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Mud Blue Sky

1 Male, 3 Female

Marisa Wegrzyn Price: $14.40

** 10% DISCOUNT **

This edgy, high-flying comedy wowed the critics

A high school weed dealer abandons his prom night to crash the hotel-room reunion of three flight attendants

All old enough to be his mother

Booze is poured

Herb is smoked

The room blurs

And futures, careers, and kindness snap sharply into focus

Keep your seat belt fastened as you're certain to experience turbulence in this profoundly compassionate and fiercely witty play

Single set, runs about 100 minutes


“A beautiful story about scraping by” ~ Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

" ... filled with quirky humor, eccentric people, sharp wit and a touch of mystery” ~ Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Exceedingly funny … poignant and closely observed … there’s no funnier show in Chicago” ~ Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

“A wonderful show … spot-on comic dialogue and loads of heart and compassion. And, of course, more laughs than any other show now playing in Chicago ... it’s therapy for a cold rainy spring with all those laughs” ~ Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

“Marisa Wegrzyn’s bitterly funny comedy jets us into the grim reality of life as a flight attendant today. Forget all thoughts of luxury lounges and sophisticated banter. The mile-high crowd has gone to hell in this sharply observed farce with poignant existential — and economic — overtones” ~ Karen D’Souza, The Mercury News

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