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Rockets and Blue Lights

6 Male, 4 Female

Winsome Pinnock Price: $12.60

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I am the slave ship. Wrecked. Empty. I am a shark, livid with the desire for blood. I am the sea, boiling with fury

Amid the gloom of Victorian England, a black sailor, Thomas, prepares to take one last voyage, while an ageing painter, J.M.W. Turner, seeks artistic inspiration in a half-remembered story

In twenty-first-century London, an actress finds herself handcuffed by history two centuries after abolitionists won her ancestors their freedom

Winsome Pinnock's astonishing play retells British history through the prism of the slave trade

Fusing fact with fiction, past with present, the powerfully personal with the fiercely political, Rockets and Blue Lights asks who owns our past

And who has the right to tell its stories?

Winner of the 2018 Alfred Fagon Award, the play opened at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, UK in March 2020


"The godmother of Black British playwrights" ~ Guardian

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