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Hamlet ESP

Large Mixed Cast

Paul Baker adapted from Shakespeare Price: $8.99

Embodied here as a drama of what transpires in two worlds an outer one of external events and an inner one of the mind

The action of the play centers on the second area, and the remarkably complex, exciting dialogue taking place within Hamlet's fertile brain

The play then happens through Hamlet's eyes and inside his mind, with subtle flashbacks and transpositions to clarify and interpret his present actions

The result is a theatrically rich and emotionally vivid experience, which illuminates and enhances the greatness of the play, while finding new levels of meaning and pertinence within it

Conceived by the renowned director of the Dallas (Texas) Theater Center, and successfully presented there under his direction, this imaginatively restructured version of Shakespeare's immortal play focuses the action in and through the mind of the central character, and employs three Hamlets to elucidate and define his fragmented, yet fascinating, personality

Cast of 14 men and 7 women is required

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