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4 Male, 2 Female

Andrew Johns Price: $9.99

The Friday night poker game in George Herrick's basement has been a tradition for the past thirty years. George is the quintessential family man while his best friend, Holly, is a crusty old bachelor with a mouth that could alienate the most patient of saints

During a particularly trying Friday evening, when only one other player has shown up, George collapses. Upon his return from the hospital, George tells Holly the doctors have discovered a brain tumor and he must go back in for a dangerous operation

In a funny and moving scene the friends plan for the worst should it happen, even to making funeral arrangements, and we see the love the men have for each other George does die, and there is renewal mixed with loss when George's son continues the rite of the game, and lifelong misogynist Holly is forced to make a final sacrifice and allow a woman to join the table

The healing begins, and we realize the humor, courage and sensitivity we've associated with George are basic elements of our humanity

A poker game serves as the anchor when old men and young men view camaraderie, loyalty and tradition through different eyes. This touching and very funny play uses wit and a basement den to pit varying views on aging, sex, love, death and friendship

"His play has humor, tragedy, nostalgia, credibility, affection and other attributes, including a tribute to equal rights It is one most audiences are likely to enjoy, and it's one that theatre companies will probably welcome the laughs come loud and often" ~ Variety

"Andrew Johns has crafted a fine comic tale of bonding around the most sacrosanct of male rites the weekly poker game" ~ Village Voice

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