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Fallen Angels

3 Male, 3 Female

Noel Coward Price: $9.99

Coward at his inimitable best, gay, debonair, infinitely sophisticated in the style that won him his reputation as the most successful purveyor of high comedy in the theatre

The story is a frothy nothing, but treated as only Coward can, it provides a continuously amusing two hours, highlighted by recurring moments of insane hilarity. The plot centers on Julia and Jane, best friends and both happily married these five years

But before their marriages, both had brief affairs with Maurice, French and a great charmer. Now Maurice is visiting London and has asked to see them both. Happily, the husbands are gone for a day of golf, and Julia and Jane nervously await Maurice's call

How they quarrel, make up, get high on champagne and quarrel again, what happens when Maurice finally arrives, very late, and the husbands return unexpectedly these are some of the threads of the action

Another is provided by Saunders, Julia's new maid who has been absolutely everywhere and done absolutely everything

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