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Doing a Good One for the Red Man & Other Plays

Mark Medoff Price: $8.99

Doing a Good One for the Red Man ~ Selected for inclusion in Best Short Plays, this revealing and bitingly funny play projects still another uncomplimentary aspect of our infamous treatment of the American Indian

The approach is outlandishly farcical, but the truth of the situation is chillingly real as is the justice of the red man's revenge (M2,F2)

The Ultimate Grammar of Life ~ A remarkable inventive black comedy-fantasy, which details the conflict between a harried Jewish intellectual, his vapid sex-kitten wife, and the cynical Mexican-American "wetback" who comes between them doing the poor man out of his wallet, his wife, and ultimately, his way of life (M2,F1)

The War on Tatem ~ Highly resourceful in its imaginative theatricality, this unique play captures the excitement, tensions and exhilaration of youth in its depiction of a "war" between two neighborhood "gangs"

Nostalgic and redolent with memory, the play also foreshadows the later, and perhaps lesser, world of adulthood (M7,F1)

The Froegle Dictum ~ An absurdist comedy which contrasts the widely divergent life styles (and personalities) of two couples to devastating effect

The action focuses on the plight of the unwashed Al, who fails repeatedly (and hilariously) in his attempts at suicide, only to find redemption in the love of the tidy Harriet (M2,F2)

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