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Cut’s Last (But One) Seance

1 Male, 1 Female

Marat Dakunin Price: $7.99

Original, hypertextual and multimedial play with extensive spiritual, religious, mythological and cultural plots

It is about love, time, ego, relation and art

Drama has some connections to Samuel Beckett's thoughts, especially "Krapp's last tape" monodrama,a kind of answer (maybe even "prequel" - Cut - as a possible younger Krapp..), with little more existential/metaphysical hope

The play is a form of Mass (multi-religious, from Christian to Egyptian) for two voices

It is drama of ego - a monodrama; still, it is written for two actors

The essence of a Mass is based not only on a ceremonial but also on evoking – one evokes “deeds and conversations, impressions, thoughts, and they become symbolized

A Mass is a way of sharing collective consciousness and emitting of collective consciousness


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