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Ghoul School

Large Mixed Cast

R. Eugene Jackson Price: $8.95

** 10% DISCOUNT **

Ghoul School provides hilarious fun for audiences of all ages (nothing in the play is too frightening even for small children)

Four ghosts - Boo!, his wife Whoo and Chains and a skeleton called Lazy Bones - haunt a theatre so frighteningly that they've scared everybody away

Yes, everybody - actors, backstage crew, directors and audience

And so for many years the ghouls have "lived" happily in the vacant building

But now disaster

An acting troupe has decided to present a play in the theatre

When they show up, the ghouls try to scare them away

But they've forgotten how!

Chains has lost her chains somewhere and so now tries to scare people by rattling ropes

There's nothing else for it ...

They'll all have to return to Ghoul School to learn to be scary again CAST
M5,F8 + Extras

Runs about 110 minutes

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