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Collected Stories - A Play

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Donald Margulies Price: $9.99

The conflict between the established artist and the adulatory fan who becomes a protégé, disciple, colleague, and friend--and finally threatening rival--is one of those great topics

It resurfaces in Donald Margulies’s provocative new play, COLLECTED STORIES, which confronts the prominent short-story writer Ruth Steiner with her student turned confidante turned competitor Lisa Morrison

What is new here is that the women are teacher and student both in academia and in life, that they come from different social milieus, and that for her first novel, Lisa has also cannibalized Ruth's experiences, to wit her youthful, shattering affair with the poet Delmore Schwartz

"As always, Margulies is literate, intellectually stimulating, and able to create characters of both dramatic and human interest. And he sustains this interest through six scenes covering six years that only briefly leave Ruth's cozily messy, book-infested Greenwich Village apartment. Here two worlds clash in age-old, ecumenical dueling, led up to by great mutual emotional investment, and all the more bitter for it" - NY Magazine

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