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Polly Teale Price: $17.95

A compelling literary detective story about the turbulent lives of the Brontė sisters ...

The short troubled lives of the Brontė sisters have become one the great literary myths of all time

How was it possible that three women who had never had sex, had probably never been kissed, could write some of the most erotic literature of all time?

And why should these plain, reclusive women, who lived in rural isolation, have invented such stories?

What was it in their lives that compelled them to write with such passion and power?

It's 1845 and Branwell Brontė returns home in disgrace

Plagued by alcohol and drug addiction, he has been dismissed after an affair with the mistress of his employer

As he descends into alcoholism and insanity, bringing chaos to his household, his sisters go on writing their extraordinary novels ...

"Breathtaking ... a rare feat of theatrical imagining" ~ Evening Standard

" ... succeeds magnificently" ~ Observer

" ... fascinating ... Teale dramatises the point where inner and outer worlds collide, so we feel the contrast between the daily life of the women and the passionate nature of their writing ... ambitious, intelligent and absorbing" ~ Financial Times

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