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It’s a Wonderful Life - The Musical - USA ONLY

Large Mixed Cast

James W Rodgers & John Higgins from Frank Capra Price: $10.95

** 10% DISCOUNT **


A beautiful and melodic score has been added to James W. Rodgers' faithful and popular play adaptation

Capturing both the spirit and the period of the original, the musical selections offer a wide variety of delightful and heartwarming melodies that can be easily managed by quality actors with natural but untrained voices

The songs have been carefully woven into the fabric of the book not only to set mood and atmosphere but to heighten action, delineate characters and establish underlying themes

Like the play version, the musical is easily accessible to community and school groups

Staging has been kept to a minimum, requiring only a simple unit setting with limited props, costumes and lighting effects

22 songs in all

Solos, duets, ensembles and full chorus numbers all have pleasing and catchy melodies within comfortable vocal ranges

Unit set - runs about 2 hours 30 minutes

M12,F10 + 2 boys, 2 girls (doubling possible)

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