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The Broons - Maggie’s Weddin’

Large Mixed Cast

Rob Drummond Price: $16.20

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This is braw news!

Scotland's most famous family, The Broons, is brought to life in this new stage adaptation by award-winning playwright Rob Drummond

Beloved of readers since their first appearance in the Sunday Post in 1936, The Broons are a family of infamous characters including Granpaw, Paw and Maw Broon, Hen and Joe, Daphne, Maggie, Horace, the Twins and the Bairn

Living in each other's pockets in 10 Glebe Street, today they're getting together for a commemorative photograph

But change is afoot ...

Maggie announces she's getting married

Hen and Daphne are heading out on dates

Joe is off to London

And Horace is off to Mars!

With Paw trying to save his pennies for the wedding and Grandpaw out to settle old scores, what will Maw do to keep her family together?

Filled with laughter, love, comic-strip visuals,and rich, vibrant dialect The Broons is a fast, fun and fantastic adaptation of a much-loved institution

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