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A Quiet End

5 Male, 0 Female

Robin Swados Price: $9.99

Three men a teacher, an aspiring jazz pianist and an unemployed actor are in a run down Manhattan apartment

All have lost their jobs and are shunned by their families; they have AIDS

Their interaction with a psychiatrist heard but not seen throughout the play and the entrance of an ex lover healthy yet unsure of his future provide a forum for exploring the meaning of friendship, loyalty and love

By celebrating the lives of men who, in the face of death, become fearlessly life embracing, the play explores the human side of the AIDS crisis


"The play, as quiet in its message as in its ending, gets the measure of pain and love in a bitter chill climate" ~ N.Y. Post

"In a situation that will be recognizable to most gay people, it is the chosen family rather than the biological family, that has become important to these men. Robin Swados has made an impressive debut with A Quiet End by accurately representing the touching relationships in such a group" ~ N.Y. Native

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