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The Pinafore Pirates (JUNIOR)

Malcolm Sircon Price: $22.95

This is the Junior Version (8-12 years)

This delicious pastiche has an outstandingly tuneful score, with script and lyrics bursting with wit and humour

In a plot which has echoes of The Magnificent Seven, Daisy, daughter of Buttercup, seeks help to thwart a band of outrageous female pirates, who have taken her lover as a hostage

With the help of Iolanthe, the Fairy Queen, and the Princess Ida, she enlists the aid of The Mikado, The Scorcerer, The Duke of Plaza-Toro, Admiral Sir Joseph Porter, and Major-General Stanley to save the day

With 11 principal parts, and a chorus that varies from Islanders to Pirates, and from Faries to Policemen, all with plenty of lines to contribute, pupils and staff will find this entertaining and delightful, as well as being a rewarding challenge

If it is your experience that girls tend to outnumber boys in their enthusiasm to appear in school productions, this is definitely the show for you!

Click and listen to a Sample of the Songs ...

Pinafore Pirates
British Policeman
Loves Young Dream

Runs about 60 mins

The Score and a fully orchestrated CD of Backing Tracks are available separately by clicking here

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