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Miss Marx - Or The Involuntary Side Effect of Living

3 Male, 4 Female

Philip Dawkins Price: $8.10

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Winner of the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best New Work, 2014

This highly theatrical drama tells the remarkably true story of Karl Marx's youngest daughter, Eleanor

Known throughout Victorian England as an actress and political activist, Eleanor finds it far easier to fight for equality on a soapbox than in the bedroom

After falling into a tempestuous affair with a married man, can she follow her heart without abandoning the revolution?

** 10% DISCOUNT **

"A brainy, witty, passionate and ingenious mash-up of love and death, as well as of revolutionary ideas and sexual politics" ~ Chicago Sun-Times

"His intelligent plays are highly theatrical, and rich with witty verbal dexterity" ~ Windy City Times

"Dawkins is one of the Chicago theater's most promising talents, a shrewd and eloquent playwright" ~ Chicago Tribune

"Dawkins' text, and the voices he bids flow from his characters, appear to the mind's ear like a latter-day Bernard Shaw" ~ Chicago Theatre Review

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